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Why ADTC? Just Some of the Ways We're Different!

ADTC is the ULTIMATE overnight dance camp, but most important, we're a movement towards love. We believe in core values that inspire us every day we wake up. The best way to understand the ADTC difference is to attend a session with us, but we've done our best to identify key elements that contribute to making American Dance Training Camps truly unique, and our summer camp experience one you'll remember for a lifetime.

Our Dance Choreographers are members of some of the best national and international dance studios and performance groups. They are Broadway and MTV performers, finalists from your favorite dance TV shows, collegiate dance team competitors and even Radio City Rockettes! Many of our dance instructors return year after year. Our camper-to-counselor ratio is 7:1.
It takes a lot of enthusiastic, dedicated people to create American Dance Training Camps around the country. Each year ADTC staff (new and returning) undergo a rigorous hiring application, interviews, employment verification, criminal background check, CPR & first aid certification, physical exam, health screening, skills verification, and a multi-day pre-camp staff training.
And it works! You couldn't ask for more interesting, sensitive and enjoyable teachers and counselors.

great-teachersOur Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) understand that when they become an ADTC counselor, they accept one of the greatest responsibilities there is in life - to be entrusted with the health, well-being and education of young girls. Their role is complex: teacher, friend, disciplinarian, mentor, dance instructor and protector to each of their campers, sometimes all at once! The living group is a family and our camp is a community.

Parents' willingness to place their children in the care of ADTC is an expression of trust and our counselors understand and accept this very important responsibility.

In order to incorporate ADTC's philosophy and objectives into each child's camp experience, our counselors accept campers as they find them and recognize their worth as individuals. The measure of the success of our camping program is not in teaching dance alone, but in how we positively affect the lives of our campers.

Being a sensitive, effective counselor is more an art than science. Our staffers approach their jobs with love, a firm sense of responsibility, a willingness to work hard and a commitment that allows them to accept nothing but the best from themselves.

ice-skatingAt ADTC you can enjoy awesome activities & extras like horseback riding, kayaking, paintball, trampolines, swimming, hiking, tennis, ice skating, mini golf, rock wall climbing, ropes course, bowling, white water rafting, amusement park trips (water rides, alpine slides, roller coasters, etc.) and so much more! Our outstanding dance program & wide variety of recreational activities allow campers to stay fit, build lasting friendships & gain self-confidence through their accomplishments both inside and outside of the dance environment!

team-eventsOpen activities (on campus) include dance elective classes, arts & crafts, listening to music & socializing in the ADTC Canteen, working on dance steps with instructors, watching movies, or just hanging out with friends.

And at the start of each week, Staff help campers get to know each other and to build camaraderie by placing you into teams. Teams earn points by competing in organized all-camp team events like American Dance Idol, Dance Tech Night (dance trivia, flexibility, strength, pirouettes and leaps competitions), photo safaris, scavenger hunts, art projects & more. Campers should come ready to participate and have fun with their teams - Learn more about team events!

adtc-differenceAdditional organized afternoon & evening activities may include dance-based games, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, an evening barbeque, and outside games like suitcase races and capture the flag. An optional evening field trip (like to see a summer stock musical production at a nearby playhouse) may also be offered. And, of course, don't forget the big Friday night dance performance and awards ceremony when parents, siblings and friends are invited to cheer on their dancers' progress (this is also when we announce the winning team).

beautiful-locationsOur unique dance camp locations mean that you'll have access to all the traditional activities you'd want to enjoy at a summer dance camp, as well as all of the amenities you'd expect to find at a resort location.

At ADTC, we have just as much fun outside the dance studio as we do in class! We operate in eight U.S. states plus Costa Rica. Our dance camp locations are all right within or just minutes from renowned destination resorts or major cities.

Our facilities feature dormitory or hotel-style sleeping arrangements, community lounges (for all-camp meetings, doing arts & crafts and just hanging out), cafeteria-style dining with top-notch food service, activity and game rooms (for watching movies, doing arts & crafts, playing ping-pong, etc.), performance area, shower, bath and laundry facilities, and a Dance Canteen for basic necessities, snacks, dance accessories, and ADTC apparel/souvenirs.

team-eventsUnlike some dance camps, ADTC is open to dancers of ALL levels, from first-time beginners to advanced performers...and everyone in-between. Our classes are as fun as they are challenging!

After check-in on Sunday, you'll participate in a "dance party" where you learn two short dance combinations. This informal, FUN process helps our teachers place you in appropriate dance groups for the week, grouped by age and ability. Class sizes are kept as small as possible so you'll have plenty of one-on-one interaction with America's greatest dance choreographers.

fun-dance-classesWhile our main focus is on hip hop, contemporary and jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include Broadway, lyrical dance & modern), we offer elective dance classes in ballet, tap & world dance, and you should come ready to experiment with additional dance class styles while working on these core competencies.

You'll take four dance classes daily and at week's end you get to show off your new moves in a big Friday night performance for family, friends and fellow campers. Learn more about ADTC dance classes!

And as if you didn't already know, guess what? Dance stimulates endorphins! So imagine it's summer...and all you have to do every day is get up and DANCE...studies show that dance increases self-confidence & creates an anxiety-reducing, focused & meditative state (also called "flow", which many psychologists believe is the state of "optimal experience" - aka "happiness").