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When They Enroll, You BOTH Get A $25 Canteen Credit

ADTC 2018 Dance Camp Video

Click below to easily share this video with all your friends by email or Facebook (we made it easy by including the image & details for you). When they enroll, you BOTH get a $25 canteen credit. There's no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so you could enjoy free activities, apparel, candy & ADTC souvenirs all summer!

Subject: $25 Friend Credit for Dance Camp This Summer!

Hey! I'm signing my daughter up for American Dance Training Camps this summer and thought you might be interested!

If you also sign up your daughter, we'll both get a $25 canteen credit at camp (good for apparel, snacks, souvenirs & more in their canteen). Just enter my name in the "How Did you Hear About Us" field at registration.

And if we can get a group of 4+ girls to sign up for camp, we'll each get an additional $100 OFF tuition. Groups of 7+ girls get $200 OFF tuition.

Space is limited and prices go up closer to summer, so I recommend registering early (they have a no risk money-back guarantee). Their website is and you can email or call them anytime with questions: 866-383-ADTC (2382).

Let me know if you want to discuss dates/details!

Even More Savings for Groups of 4+

And please tell friends at your dance studio (or school) about ADTC...if you can get a group of 4+ girls to sign up for camp, you'll each get an additional $100 OFF your tuition.

Groups of 7+ girls get $200 OFF tuition.

If your friends would like to request their own brochure, please share this link:

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