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Lyrical Dance at ADTC

Lyrical Dance at ADTC


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. The lyrics of a song are the driving force and the inspiration of the movement. Choreography is often emotional, gripping, and delicate all at the same time.

Lyrical Dance Classes @ ADTC Overnight Camps

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or experienced performer, we have a fun & challenging lyrical dance class that is perfect for you. In just one week, you'll learn fun lyrical dance moves like leaps and turns that are airy and flowing.

And we have some of the best lyrical dance faculty on the planet who will challenge you to use motion to individually interpret music and express your emotions. At ADTC, you'll get to explore lyrical dance movements characterized by their fluidity and grace, but most importantly - you'll get to have fun doing it!

Need Lyrical Dance Routines Outside of Camp?

Whether you're a dancer or teacher, we know it's not easy to stay creatively inspired when it comes to dance routines. Our 1,000 dances + digital video library and amazing network of choreographers can keep you motivated & moving all year long!


Hometown Dance Camps

Choreograph your very own dance workshop, made to measure, with our amazing dance staff. Hometown dance camps can be one day or two weeks, 10 dancers to more than 200! MORE INFO >>



Digital Dance Library

Instantly access 1,000 + dances in our video dance library! Get inspired with song & show theme ideas and award-winning choreography from 13 + years of ADTC dance camps! MORE INFO >>



Custom Dance Choreography

Now you can purchase custom dance choreography from the ADTC Choreographer of your choice, delivered via private video. Get a dance routine you love, or your money back! MORE INFO >>


Just Some of Our Amazing Lyrical Dance Staff

Our top-notch lyrical dance teachers offer the coolest combinations from some of the best national and international dance studios, schools and performance groups! They are MTV performers, Broadway dancers and contestants from your favorite dance TV shows.