Age Appropriate Dance Camp Programming

Age Appropriate Dance CampWe promote growth and fun in an environment committed to safety. You’ll be divided into living spaces by age and participate in healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences.

We understand that growing up in the world today – inundated with new technologies and mixed messages from the media about the worth and role of women in society – can be confusing and tough to navigate. Therefore, we base our programming on what girls characteristically need for healthy development:

  • physical safety for healthy physical development.
  • trust, respect, and validation from caring adults to foster healthy emotional development and form positive relationships.
  • positive female role models to develop a healthy identity as a woman.
  • belonging and acceptance by a peer group to feel competent and worthy.

We also believe that each of you is special with unique gifts and challenges. Our programming outside of dance focuses on helping girls like you build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, you’ll develop a true sense of personal power and the outcomes are awesome!

Age Appropriate Dance Camp Curriculum:

Girls Ages 8 – 10 (Youth Campers)

Age Appropriate Dance Camp 8 - 10If you’re ten years old or younger, you’ll get extra support during your dance camp session/s from counselors who enjoy working with young campers like you. You’ll receive lots of encouragement, as well as help channeling your enthusiasm…and we’ll be sure to remind you about personal hygiene and other responsibilities 🙂

Girls ages eight – ten make up about 15% of our dance camp population. Youth Campers are placed on teams with CITs &/or Senior Campers in order to bond with our oldest campers, who are great role models.

You’ll live, play, and usually dance with other girls your age (unless placed with older girls after Sunday evening “dance screening”). You’ll also have an earlier teem meeting (9:30pm) and bedtime (10:00pm) in order to get enough “be awesome” rest before wake up call the next morning (7:20am).

From morning reflections to bedtime team meetings, you’ll grow in spirit, mind, and body, learning ADTC’s manifesto and core values in a safe, supportive, and fun setting.

Girls Ages 11 – 13 (Junior Campers)

Age Appropriate Dance Camp 11 - 13As you grow older, each year at ADTC will bring new and exciting activities and opportunities. Many campers come back year after year, so we strive to keep things fun and interesting for you!

Girls ages eleven – thirteen make up about 50% of our dance camp population. Junior campers have opportunities for greater independence and responsibility at camp. You’ll be eligible to sign up for master dance classes and electives, and you’ll even be invited to manage ADTC’s Instagram account for the week (supervised by your team leader, of course).

Girls eleven – thirteen live, play, and often dance together (depends on placement after Sunday evening “dance screening”), so you’ll have the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a member of your peer group.

From morning reflections to bedtime team meetings, campers ages 11 – 13 grow in spirit, mind, and body, learning ADTC’s manifesto and core values in a safe, supportive, and fun setting.

Girls Ages 14 – 15 (Senior Campers)

Age Appropriate Dance Camp 14 - 15If you’re 14 or 15, we’ll welcome you in our one week sessions, but if you’re thinking about applying to be a CIT later, we recommend a two week session. Senior Campers are about 25% of our dance camp population – you’ll take part in regular dance classes and camp activities like everyone else, but also get some special privileges like:

* Senior Camper Only Activities & Discussions (1/2 hour after normal bedtime)

* Extra “Girl’s Night Out” & Movie Night for Senior Campers Only

* Specially trained counselors who are responsible, young-adult role models many teens lack

Like Junior Campers, you’ll also be able to sign up for specialty master classes & electives, and you’ll get to manage ADTC’s Facebook account & photo gallery during your session/s (supervised by your team leader). You’ll also work together to plan & lead one team event each week for the entire dance camp community.

At ADTC, you’ll live, play, and sometimes dance together (depends on placement after Sunday evening “dance screening”). From morning reflections to bedtime team meetings, campers ages 14 – 15 grow in spirit, mind, and body, learning ADTC’s manifesto and core values in a safe, supportive, and fun setting.

This program has become so popular that most Senior Campers return for our CIT program – learn more here.

Girls Ages 16 – 17 (CIT Campers)

Age Appropriate Dance Camp - 16 - 17

If you’re 16 or 17, we’ll welcome you in our one week sessions, but we encourage you to consider applying to be a Counselor-In-Training. 16 & 17 year old campers are about 10% of our dance camp population, and 40% of girls in this age group are CITs.

Our Counselor-In-Training (“CIT”) Program offers select high school dancers a unique opportunity to build leadership skills and assume some counselor responsibilities at camp, while still participating in dance classes and activities as campers.

Our CIT Program is a combination of workshops, supervised opportunities with younger campers, program planning and general camp activities. If you’re 16 or 17, you’re invited to apply for our CIT program at any ADTC camp you attend for a minimum of 2 weeks.

First year participant CIT’s pay regular camper tuition, while second-year participant CIT’s pay 1/2 price. And guess what? After 2 successful summers as a CIT, you’ll be eligible for hire as a paid JIC your third summer!

If you’ve never attended ADTC before, you’re still welcome and encouraged to apply.


To a friendly, spirited, inclusive community called ADTC.

We truly hope to have the honor and privilege of having you join our summer family.

If you’d like more information on ADTC, request a brochure below.