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Fun dance classes just right for you

No matter what level dancer you are, we’ve got fun & challenging dance classes that’ll fit you just right. You’ll take four dance classes daily and at week’s end you get to show off your new moves in a big Friday night performance for family, friends and fellow campers. In addition to core dance classes in contemporary, hip hop & jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include lyrical, modern or Broadway), you’ll choose between ballet, tap or world dance for your core elective dance class.

Jazz Dance Choreography Package


Jazz Dance at ADTC

Jazz style is layered over the traditional technique of ballet. You’ll dance to upbeat, popular songs while working on basic body isolations, rhythmic awareness & expression.
Hip Hop Dance Package

Hip Hop

Hip Hop at ADTC

Hip hop dance has grown from an underground African American form of expression to mainstream USA. We offer hip hop dance classes at every ADTC overnight camp!
Contemporary Dance Package


Contemporary at ADTC

A contemporary dance piece at ADTC may take the form of a personal narrative, an allegory, a commentary on society, or an integration of a wide variety of dance techniques.

Elective Dance Classes at ADTC Overnight Dance Camps

Ballet Dance Choreography Package


Ballet at ADTC

We believe that ballet technique is the foundation for all other styles of dance, so ballet technique is incorporated into every dance class at ADTC. We also offer a weekly ballet elective class.
Tap Dance Choreography Package


Tap Dance at ADTC

Tap dance is often offered as an elective dance class at ADTC, so if you have tap shoes you should bring them! We have amazing tap dancers on staff…sometimes even Radio City Rockettes!
world dance

World Dance

World Dance at ADTC

Our World Dance elective is at the same time as our ballet/tap electives but does not interfere with afternoon activities. Campers perform a piece in the show & proceeds go to a charity.
Broadway Dance Choreography Package


Broadway at ADTC

Broadway dance is usually performed in musicals and integrates dance with drama. Broadway dance technique is often taught during ADTC jazz dance classes.


Lyrical Dance at ADTC

Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical dance challenges dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. ADTC jazz and contemporary classes often integrate lyrical.
Acro Dance Package

Acro Dance

Acro Dance at ADTC

Acro Dance is sometimes offered at ADTC as an elective for campers who want to learn dance tricks to incorporate in their competition solos.

Need Dance Routines Outside of Camp?

Whether you're a dancer or teacher, we know it's not easy to stay creatively inspired when it comes to dance routines. Our 1,000 dances + digital video library and amazing network of choreographers can keep you motivated & moving all year long!

Digital Dance Library

Instantly access 1,000 + dances in our video dance library! Get inspired with song & show theme ideas and award-winning choreography from 13 + years of ADTC dance camps!  MORE INFO >>


Custom Dance Choreography

Now you can purchase custom dance choreography from the ADTC Choreographer of your choice, delivered via private video. Get a dance routine you love, or your money back!  MORE INFO >>


Hometown Dance Camps

Choreograph your very own workshop, made to measure, with our amazing dance staff. Hometown dance camps can be one day or two weeks, 10 dancers to more than 200!  MORE INFO >>