ADTC is a Dance Camp for All Abilities

We want ALL campers to feel great. Studies show that no matter what your level or experience may be, dance can increase self-confidence and help build social skills. ADTC is a dance camp for all abilities – no matter your level or discipline, at ADTC you’re free to dance! Check out these playlists from our Friday Night Dance Shows, by level:

Playlist: Jazz Dance Combos (Int/Adv)

Int-Adv Jazz

Playlist: Jazz Dance Combos (Adv/Beg)

Adv/Beg Jazz

Playlist: Jazz Dance Combos (Bas/Beg)

Bas/Beg Jazz

Playlist: Hip Hop Dance Combos (Int/Adv)

Int/Adv Hip Hop

Playlist: Hip Hop Dance Combos (Adv/Beg)

Adv/Beg Hip Hop

Playlist: Hip Hop Dance Combos (Bas/Beg)

Bas/Beg Hip Hop

Playlist: Contemporary Dance Combos (Int/Adv)

Int/Adv Contemporary

Playlist: Contemporary Dance Combos (Adv/Beg)

Adv/Beg Contemporary

Playlist: Contemporary Dance Combos (Bas/Beg)

Bas/Beg Contemporary

Something for Everyone

Looking to bag your fouette and really challenge yourself? We’ve got you covered. Looking for something a little more, um, easygoing (read: I haven’t danced in five years and I’ve never even taken a contemporary class)? No worries – ADTC is the perfect dance camp for you, too.

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How much dance experience do I have to have?” The answer is simple: we have something for everyone. ADTC is a dance camp for all abilities! From dance freaks to couch potatoes (this is your chance to get off the couch and actually DO something new!).

Whichever ADTC dance camp you choose, you can ALWAYS move at your own pace. This is an individual experience, but remember: you’ll get out of it what you put into it! Just have fun, let go, and dance like no one is watching!

Sunday Night Dance Screening

After check-in on Sunday, you’ll participate in a “dance screening” where you’ll learn two short dance combinations. This informal evaluation helps our teachers place you in dance groups for the week.

We want everyone to be comfortable in their dance classes. If you feel your group is too advanced, you can easily switch to a lower level by telling the Program Director. If you wish to move to a higher level, you may have a chance to audition for this privilege (subject to offering).

“So, if I’m a very experienced dancer, will the dance classes be challenging enough?”

Definitely. ADTC staff members are accomplished dancers and teachers that you’d never have the opportunity to work with at your home studio. They’re Radio City Rockettes, Broadway actors, backup dancers and TV performers. If you’re a competitive dancer, you’ll be lucky to spend a week learning from choreographers of this caliber!

“So, if I’ve never danced before, will I be the only one?”

Maybe. But you won’t be alone. ADTC is a tight-knit, all-girl community where everyone supports one another, regardless of level. We say we’re a dance camp for all abilities, and we mean it! We have many campers who attend ADTC more for the summer camp experience and to spend a week learning cool moves. This way you can assess if dance is something you’d like to pursue back home!


To a friendly, spirited, inclusive community called ADTC.

We truly hope to have the honor and privilege of having you join our summer family.

If you’d like more information on ADTC, request a brochure below.