Is American Dance Training Camps Right For Me?

Below you’ll find some of the tough questions we get asked about American Dance Training Camps – along with our honest answers. ADTC isn’t right for everyone. We’ll tell you everything about the program and what it takes so you can make the best decision for you.

You can sign up anytime! Registration is ongoing – sign up early to lock in your best summer rate.
We offer discounted rates for early-bird registration, multiple weeks and siblings from the same family. We also offer discounts for our alumni campers and for referring new campers. The weekly session price includes:

Our ULTIMATE dance camp program: All ADTC core dance classes & electives, the Friday Night Show and most on-site activities (team events, night activities, etc.).
Your room & board: Supervision, lodging and meals from Sunday night dinner through Saturday morning breakfast. Daily optional field trips as well as some arts & crafts projects are not included.

Please visit our “Dates & Rates” page for more details

We do have partial-scholarship opportunities available. Scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Yes, the weekend stayover fee is $150 for a Saturday field trip (includes transportation, lunch, dinner & movie), Saturday night lodging & supervision between camp sessions, as well as Sunday morning brunch. The majority of multi-week campers stay with us between sessions, but you are welcome to check-out with your parents (or another authorized person) on Saturday from 9 – 11am as long as you check back in on Sunday by 3pm. Parents of multi-week campers must confirm whether they will stay over with us & pay the stayover fee at check-in.
For the safety of all campers and to provide all campers with the “total camp experience”, no visitation is allowed during the camp week.

If your child is staying more than one session and you wish to take her off the camp grounds on the weekend you may do so on Saturday from 1:00 – 7:00 p.m. or on Sunday from 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. All visitors must report to the Director upon arrival at camp with photo identification.

24-hour supervision is provided. Campers are supervised at all times during dance classes, activities and free time. ADTC staffers live with campers 24/7 and we maintain a staff-to-camper ratio of at least 1:7.
ADTC staff members are accomplished dancers and teachers. They are Radio City Rockettes, Broadway dancers and MTV performers. Any experienced dancer is lucky to spend a week learning from teachers of this caliber. Our “dance screening” on Sunday nights helps teachers assess the ability of each camper and place them in a dance group that is appropriate for them for the week.
No! We have many campers who attend ADTC for the summer camp experience and to spend a week learning cool moves. This way campers can assess if dance is something they’d like to pursue back home!
Classes are organized by age and ability. Our teachers are world class so we hope you will take advantage of the chance to learn as much as possible from them. Our instructors teach beginner to extremely high levels. If you want to learn a particular trick or technique, they can show you how.

More info on ADTC dance classes

As far as dance apparel, you will need black jazz shoes or sneakers, as well as leotards and dance shorts/pants and t-shirt (whatever is comfortable for you, but please be conservative – at ADTC we do not like “booty” shorts or inappropriate skin exposure!). Please download our packing list.

Check out our online store for purchases prior to camp.

Yes! Camp is the best place to make friends with girls who have similar interests. Many girls come to ADTC by themselves and leave with dozens of new, great friends.

More info for solo campers.

Campers must be in their rooms by 10 PM and have the lights out by 10:30 PM.
We have many campers that travel alone to our dance camps. You can request “Unaccompanied Minor” service from all airlines. They will make sure your child stays in the care of the airlines until an approved person picks up the child at the other end. You can simply register the ADTC shuttle service with the airline as the receiving party. The cost is minimal and some airlines do this for free. You can also request the same service for the return portion so that your daughter stays with airline staff beginning right when she checks in on departure day.

ADTC partners with professional shuttle services with experience transporting minors at each location. You may find this information in your location’s Info Packet which is downloadable from the location page for your camp. If your camper will be traveling alone, please call the ADTC National Office no sooner than one week before your camper’s check in to see if sharing a shuttle with another camper will be possible.  If enough campers are interested, ADTC will set up this shuttle for you, or let you know when you will be responsible for setting this up on your own. Sharing a shuttle is a great way to meet campers and save money!

Our dance camps take place at well-established destination resorts and school facilities which are well-experienced in handling medical emergencies. There are full-scale medical centers near all of our camp facilities. To ensure we are prepared to handle any medical emergencies that may arise, we require all parents to fill out a series of health forms, including a full medical history and a “Authorization to Treat a Minor” form.
Each of our meals includes a selection of food suitable for vegetarians. At each lunch and dinner we also provide a full salad bar. Please contact us two weeks prior to arriving at camp so we can ensure your child receives balanced nutritional choices at every meal.
If your child has medical dietary restrictions or food allergies, please contact us with your requirements at least two weeks prior to arriving at camp. Someone will contact you directly to discuss your needs in detail. Please know we are experienced in handling many special dietary situations, and we look forward to working with you to ensure a healthy and safe camp experience for your daughter.
During check-in, our medical staff will meet with you and discuss your child’s medication(s). ALL medications are kept in the director’s office and dispensed according to your physician’s instructions. All prescription medication must be brought to camp in the original pharmacy container with label. Please remember, campers may not keep ANY medications in their room, this includes things such as Tylenol, Advil, vitamins, eyedrops, etc.

If you were unable to find the answer you were looking for, please call our office at 866-383-ADTC (2382) or email us at [email protected].