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ADTC Dance Camp Videos

Before you preview our Friday Night Shows, here are some fun dance music videos to give you a glimpse of life at ADTC's overnight dance camps nationwide.

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These dance recital videos are from Friday Night Shows at American Dance Training Camps' overnight dance camps nationwide. You can watch these clips instantly by selecting your style & level below - to access the full performance of each piece, you must become a video library member.

Int-Adv Jazz

Instantly preview 50+ intermediate-advanced jazz dance recital videos

Adv-Beg Jazz

Instantly preview 70+ advanced-beginner jazz dance recital videos

Bas-Beg Jazz

Instantly preview 40+ basic-beginner jazz dance recital videos

Int-Adv Hip Hop

Instantly preview 40+ intermediate-advanced hip hop dance recital videos

Adv-Beg Hip Hop

Instantly preview 50+ advanced-beginner hip hop dance recital videos

Bas-Beg Hip Hop

Instantly preview 55+ basic-beginner hip hop dance recital videos

Int-Adv Contemporary

Instantly preview 55+ intermediate-advanced contemporary dance recital videos

Adv-Beg Contemporary

Instantly preview 55+ advanced-beginner contemporary dance recital videos

Bas-Beg Contemporary

Instantly preview 20+ basic-beginner contemporary dance recital videos

Broadway Dance Videos

Broadway, All Levels

Instantly preview 30+ broadway dance recital videos, all levels

Tap Dance Videos

Tap Dance, All Levels

Instantly preview 20+ tap dance recital videos, all levels

Ballet Dance Videos

Ballet Dance, All Levels

Instantly preview 25+ ballet dance recital videos, all levels

World Dance Videos

World Dance, All Levels

Instantly preview 20+ world dance recital videos, all levels