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Hometown Dance Camps

ADTC Hometown Dance Camps are for dancers of all styles/levels. Now you can choreograph your very own private dance workshop, made to measure. We can do whatever you'd like us to do!


Hometown Dance Camp Rates

Standard ADTC hometown dance camps offer dance classes in contemporary, hip hop & jazz. Styles of jazz vary and may include lyrical, modern or Broadway. Hosts can customize their hometown dance camp and choose from a wide variety of additional dance techniques, including - but not limited to - ballet, tap and world dances like Latin, Afro-Hatian, Capoeira, Bollywood and more!

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{f21}CAMP LENGTH;;;{f21}< 10 DANCERS;;;{f21}10 - 14 DANCERS;;;{f21}15 + DANCERS;nn;
{f20}2 day;;;{f20}$1499 flat rate;;;{f21}$149 / dancer;;;{f21}$145 / dancer;nn;
{f20}1 week;;;{f20}$3250 flat rate;;;{f21}$325 / dancer;;;{f21}$295 / dancer;nn;
{f20}2 weeks;;;{f20}$5950 flat rate;;;{f21}$595 / dancer;;;{f21}$545 / dancer;nn;

Other Choreography Services

Whether you're a dancer or teacher, we know it's not easy to stay creatively inspired when it comes to dance routines. Our 1,000 dances + digital video library and amazing network of choreographers can keep you motivated & moving all year long!


Digital Dance Library

Instantly access 1,000 + dances in our video dance library! Get inspired with song & show theme ideas and award-winning choreography from 13 + years of ADTC dance camps! MORE INFO >>




Custom Dance Choreography

Now you can purchase custom dance choreography from the ADTC Choreographer of your choice, delivered via private video. Get a dance routine you love, or your money back! MORE INFO >>


Just Some of Our Amazing Dance Choreographers

Our celebrity dance choreographers will challenge dancers of all backgrounds and levels - from beginners through experienced performers. We offer 11 different dance styles to choose from, so if your studio or organization has a specific request, chances are we've got you covered! Hosts can choose up to three dance disciplines and students enjoy fresh moves to today's hottest songs!