Move To Love – Zero Negativity!

Move To Love & Away From Fear

zero negativity challenge at dance camp

Understanding Your Fears

Psychologists say that we are born with only two fears: falling and loud noises. This means that every other fear is LEARNED. Therefore, they can be un-learned!

And if we want to move from fear into love, the first step is to understand the fears we've learned and what we can do to change them.

All of us have downloaded a blueprint in our subconscious mind of how it really is - our belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house - that someone else designed. We reinforce our blueprint with habitual thoughts, and so they become our reality.

Whether it's school, friends, love, body image, or any other aspect of our life - how we're raised, the lessons we're taught, and our environment all influence how our blueprint is formed. As girls, we've got a lot we're up against - just tune into the latest "reality" show, take a stroll down the aisles at a girls's clothing store, or pick up a teen magazine, and you'll see that the messages we get about our bodies, sexuality, and about one another are at best harmful and degrading.

How To Redraw Your Mental Blueprint

But just as with any architectural blueprint, we can change our mind's framework if the one we have is not producing the results we seek.

Of course, changing our mind about anything is work. But the realization that we CAN change our mind - and therefore our life - is the start.

This is not magical thinking, but science - neuroplasticity. New neural pathways are formed in our brain as we change our habitual thoughts, language and feelings from fear to love.

What Does It Mean To Move to Love?

The ADTC community shares one simple, unifying mission: to empower girls to move to love.

The "love" we're moving towards originates in the part of our mind that is connected to Spirit. It is our source of peace, joy, happiness, and a whole bunch of other "positive" emotions.

Luckily, love isn't something external & elusive that we can "get" from the outside world. Love is internal and always available, we just have to choose it. It is a practice.

ADTC is a tight-knit, all-girl community where we have the "move" part DOWN! We dance, which is also a practice of "love", but how else can we practice love as individuals and a community each and every day at dance camp? Zero Negativity. 

The Zero Negativity Challenge

In order to move to love as a collective camp community, we're launching the "Zero Negativity Challenge" this summer as a simple, unifying practice for both campers and staff.

Don't worry! Zero negativity doesn't mean you can't feel angry, sad, etc. Zero negativity is more of an "intention" we're moving towards. It's a challenge to become more conscious of our feelings so we're more authentic and have more freedom/choice in creating our own reality, and in how we influence our community at camp.

Here's How to Practice Zero Negativity:

  1. No put-downs (to yourself or anyone else).
  2. No negative body language (rolling eyes, etc).
  3. Count the number of negative comments you make each day.
  4. If you're caught in negative thinking, repeat to yourself, "Pollution, pollution" (negative thoughts pollute your inner light ). Then take a moment to look at something beautiful.

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