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Blow Dance

Int-Adv Tutorials, All Styles

$79.99 - 30 intermediate-advanced dance choreography videos online, all styles

Tightrope Dance

Adv-Beg Tutorials, All Styles

$69.99 - 25 advanced-beginner dance choreography videos online, all styles

Cant Remember To Forget You Dance

Bas-Beg Tutorials, All Styles

$29.99 - 16 basic-beginner dance choreography videos online, all styles 

Shop Dance Choreography Videos (By Style)

Look Whos Killin It Now Dance

Jazz Dance, All Levels

$49.99 - 16 jazz dance choreography videos online, all levels

Money Up Dance

Hip Hop Dance, All Levels

$29.99 - 16 hip hop dance choreography videos online, all levels

Alive Dance

Contemporary Dance, All Levels

$29.99 - 7 basic-contemporary dance choreography videos online, all levels

California Dreamin Dance

Lyrical Dance, All Levels

$39.99 - 12 lyrical dance choreography videos online, all levels

Dear Future Husband Dance

Broadway Dance, All Levels

$29.99 - 7 broadway dance choreography videos online, all levels

Geronimo Dance

Tap Dance, All Levels

$29.99 - 7 tap dance choreography videos online, all levels 

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Queen Bee Dance

Int-Adv Jazz

$33.99 8 intermediate-advanced jazz dance choreography videos

Focus Dance

Adv-Beg Jazz

$19.99 - 4 advanced-beginner jazz dance choreography videos

Stitches Dance

Bas-Beg Jazz

$19.99 - 4 basic-beginner jazz dance choreography videos 

Make Em Say Dance

Int-Adv Hip Hop

$29.99 - 7 intermediate-advanced hip hop dance choreography videos

Hot Sugar Dance

Adv-Beg Hip Hop

$12.99 - 2 advanced-beginner hip hop dance choreography videos

Karma Dance

Bas-Beg Hip Hop

$12.99 - 7 basic-beginner hip hop dance choreography videos

Yours Dance

Int-Adv Contemporary

$19.99 - 4 intermediate-advanced contemporary dance choreography videos

Kiss Of The Spider Woman Dance

Adv-Beg Contemporary

$12.99 - 2 advanced-beginner contemporary dance choreography videos

Tears Of An Angel Dance

Int-Adv Lyrical

$33.99 - 8 intermediate-advanced lyrical dance choreography videos

Oceans Dance

Adv-Beg Lyrical

$19.99 - 4 advanced-beginner lyrical dance choreography videos

Im Cute Dance

Adv-Beg Broadway

$19.99 - 4 advanced-beginner broadway dance choreography videos

Bas-Beg Broadway

$14.99 - 3 basic-beginner broadway dance choreography videos

Speak Softly Love Dance

Int-Adv Tap & Ballet

$14.99 - 2 intermediate-advanced tap & 1 ballet dance choreography videos

Cleopatra Mix

Adv-Beg Tap

$19.99 - 4 advanced-beginner tap dance choreography videos

Tango Piano Music Dance

Adv-Beg Ballet

$12.99 - 2 advanced-beginner ballet dance choreography videos