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How To Overcome Fear – 4 Simple Exercises

want to know how to overcome fear? These 4 exercises will help you redraw your mental blueprint so you can refresh & move closer to your wildest dreams!
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  • ADTC Dance Camps & 21st Century Success

Most Important Skill for 21st Century Success

The most important skill for 21st century success has nothing to do with "IQ" - the surprising skill for an awesome 21st century life is taught at camp.
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  • Dance Camps - Art of Feedback

The Art of Clear Communication

Who else thinks this world needs more authentic communication? We think so, too, and the great news is clear communication can begin with us.
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  • Dance Camps - True Colors Personality Test

True Colors Personality Test

We all have a unique cultural lens through which we view the world. Our goal at camp is to create an environment that values differences.
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  • ADTC Dance Camps - Zero Negativity Challenge

Move To Love – Zero Negativity!

We're launching the "Zero Negativity Challenge" this summer as a simple, unifying practice for both campers and staff. Goodbye negativity & fear!
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  • ADTC Dance Camps - Happiness Lessons

Happiness Lessons from Camp

We believe happiness is a skill and not an in-born personality trait. And it's not a skill that most girls get to focus on enough during the school year.
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  • Dance Camps - Typical Day at ADTC

Dance Camp Schedule

At ADTC, we like to say that there really is no such thing as a "typical day" even though eery day includes dance, adventure, sun & summer fun.
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  • Dance Camps Internet Policies Featured

Dance Camp Internet Policies

Please read our dance camp internet policies and then review them with your daughter before check-in for her camp session.
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  • ADTC Dance Camps Health Policies

Dance Camp Health Policiies

Please get familiar with ADTC's Dance Camp Health Policies below. Remember, your camper's health forms are due June 15th.
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  • ADTC Dance Camps Check-In

Dance Camp Check-In

We can't wait to welcome you to ADTC! Dance camp check-in is anytime between 2:00 and 4:00pm at each ADTC location.
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  • ADTC Dance Camps True Value

The True Value of Dance Camp

We believe the true value of dance camp is not in the dance skills learned, but in the life lessons, memories, and self-esteem gained.
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  • Dance Camps Cell Phone Detox

Cell Phone Detox – The Camp Cure

We believe that girls (well actually, all people) need a cell phone detox. Summer camp is a great excuse for all kids to unplug.
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  • Dance Camps Homesickness Strategy

Homesickness Strategy: Your Guide

Most campers (and staff members!) experience some degree of homesickness during the beginning of dance camp. It's totally normal.
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  • Prepare Your Daughter for Dance Camp

Prepare Your Daughter for Camp!

We recognize that although your daughter is coming to camp, this is also a big deal for you. Here are 15 success secrets for parents!
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