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  • ADTC Dance Camps & 21st Century Success

Most Important Skill for 21st Century Success

The most important skill for 21st century success has nothing to do with "IQ" - the surprising skill for an awesome 21st century life is taught at camp.
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  • Best Gift for Your Daughter - Non Fear

Best Gift for Your Daughter

In the midst of Holiday consumption and the fear that we're somehow falling short, today's #manifestomonday is a reminder that the best gift for your daughter is non-material.
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  • #MondayManifesto - Move to Love!

#MondayManifesto – Love Over Fear

It's the day before the presidential election and for this week's #MondayManifesto we're inspiring girls to choose love over fear!
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  • Unmask Your Truth in 3 Easy Steps Featured

Unmask Your Truth in 3 Easy Steps

In order to unmask your truth you have to analyze what in your life feels right and in line with your authentic self, and what does not.
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