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ADTC Registered Camper Form

Please complete and submit the Registered Camper Form (below) by Friday, June 1, 2018.

Full disclosure is appreciated here! This form is where you'll tell us more about your camper and provide us with her roommate request (if applicable), emergency contacts, plans for check-in / out, insurance details, and health history / medication info. 

To submit this form, you'll need the following items ready for upload:
1) A picture of your camper's insurance card (front & back)
2) A signed ADTC Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement
3) The ADTC Youth Camp Health Form (or your equivalent school/sports health form) signed by a licensed health professional and dated no earlier than 2 years prior to attending ADTC. Note: if using the ADTC form, it will also include immunizations, otherwise please have your camper's immunization records also ready for upload.

If you don't have everything you need to submit this form today, you can still get started by filling out the info that you do have! Simply click "Save and Continue Later" (bottom of form) to receive a unique link you can use to finish filling out the rest of your form at your convenience.