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Advanced Hip Hop Dance Combinations

Let the dancing begin! These advanced hip hop dance combinations were performed at American Dance Training Camps' overnight dance camps nationwide. Request Video Access (it's free) if you want the full performance videos for all advanced hip hop dance combinations below & more!

"2 On" By Tinashe

"Back to the Future" Mix By Various Artists

"Beyonce Takeover" Mix By Beyonce


"Big Bad Wolf" Mix By Various Artists

"Blow" By Beyonce

"Bounce" By Iggy Azalea

"Cagado" By Bonde Do Role

"Circus" By Britney Spears

"Countdown" By Beyonce

"Disney Hip Hop Mix" By Various Artists

"Diva Revolution" By Beyonce & Britney Spears

"Do It Like This" Mix By Various Artists

"Fancy" By Iggy Azalea

"Fight For You" By Pia Mia

"Fresh Prince" Mix By Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff


"Function" By E-40 Feat. YG & IamSu & Problem

"Get Buck In Here" Mix By Various Artists

"Get Loose" By 116 Clique

"Gimmie Dat" Mix By Various Artists


"Gossip Folks" By Missy Elliott

"Hard" By Rihanna Feat. Young Jeezy

"Hard Knock Life" By Jay Z

"Janet Jackson" Mix By Janet Jackson

"Lose Your Mind" Mix By Various Artists

"Make Em Say" By Jenna Frechette

"P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing" By Michael Jackson

"Pop Mash" By Various Artists

"Smoke Signals" By Sean Kingston

"Space Jam Mix" By Quad City DJ

"Stronger" By Kanye West

"Superstarr Part Zero" By K-OS

"Sweet Child of Mine" Mix By Various Artists


"Sweet Dreams" By Beyonce

"Table of Heroes" By Various Artists

"Tambourine" By Eve

"Tea Leaf Dancers" By Flying Lotus

"Titanium" By David Guetta

"Too Much Booty in the Bank" By Unknown

"Way You Make Me Feel" By Michael Jackson

"Where They From" By Missy Elliott Mix

"You Rock My World" By Michael Jackson

"Your Love" Mix By Various Artists