Dance Camp Internet Policies

Dance Camps Internet Policies for Parents & Campers

Dance Camp Internet Policies

Parents, we want your American Dance Training Camp experience to be safe and fun year-round. And since you'll be responsible for monitoring any potential interactions between your daughter and ADTC staff/campers outside of camp, please read our dance camp internet policies below and then review them with your daughter before check-in for her camp session.

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Keeping in Touch with Fellow ADTC Campers

ADTC views social networking sites and other Internet communication as a positive way for campers to keep in touch with friends and express themselves after camp. Our dance camp internet policies allow campers to exchange emails or social media contact info with other ADTC campers and invite them to be on their "friends" list in any way they see fit.

Keeping In Touch With ADTC Counselors

At ADTC, our pledge is to put your daughter in the company of the most trustworthy and capable young adults we can hire. The effort we put into screening and selecting our staff is part of this pledge.

By hiring the staff that we do, however, we don't recommend them as babysitters or nannies outside of camp. Our staff works with your children in the context of a visible, well scrutinized environment that has many built-in checks and balances. Counselors are supervised by Directors and are guided by clear, firm policies regarding behavior.

Their actions are also visible to a community of coworkers and campers. In general we discourage our staff from having contact with your children after camp since we cannot supervise it. We hire our staff for certain camp locations/sessions. We do not take responsibility for their behavior outside of the sessions they work with us.

We also recognize that many campers will naturally want to keep in touch with their favorite counselors after camp. In general, we discourage our staff from having social contact with ADTC campers outside of the camp environment. But in this technological age, this policy is not always realistic.

Keep in mind that despite our best efforts, we at ADTC cannot control what happens after camp concludes. Campers may seek out their ADTC counselors via online searches, etc., without their parents' or ADTC's specific awareness or permission. We recommend that parents closely and continually supervise their children's online activities.

Dance Camp Internet Policies Regarding Cyber-Bullying and Harassment

Cyber-bullying and harassment are not tolerated at ADTC. Rude, demeaning, intimidating or vulgar emails, texts, social posts, instant messages or other such notes, sent to or about other ADTC campers are absolutely unacceptable. Likewise, creating false screen names or accounts to harass members of our camp community, or to spread false and damaging information about them, is unacceptable.

Media Release

As part of your form requirements, we ask parents to sign a media release at check-in. It is important that you understand this release before arriving at camp. Here is what it says:

American School of Dance, LLC (dba “American Dance Training Camps”, a/k/a, “ADTC”) retains the right to use any photographs, videotapes, motion picture &/or digital recordings, or any other records of our dance camp events for the ADTC website, publicity, promotion, advertising, or any legitimate commercial purpose associated with ADTC and its businesses. In compliance with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) my signature confirms that I understand and agree that my child’s picture (without name) may be used on publicly accessible areas of the ADTC website, pamphlets, and other promotional materials, in the sole discretion of ADTC.

Please note, if you decline the Media Release your camper will not be able to participate in any photographs during their week, including the All-Camp, Team and Individual Headshots or photographs with Instructors. 

For more info on our dance camp internet policies regarding cell phones, click here to head over to our post, "A Healthy Cell Phone Detox"!

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