Our Mission

At ADTC, we combine high-level dance instruction with a unique and memorable summer camp experience. Our main goal is to further the development of each camper as a dancer and a person. Our outstanding dance program and wide variety of recreational activities allow campers to stay fit, build lasting friendships and gain self-confidence through their accomplishments both inside and outside of the dance environment.

The American School of Dance (dba: American Dance Training Camp) was founded as a Fairfield County, CT dance school in 2002 by recent college graduate, Lindsey Fadner. Lindsey believed a summer dance camp near her family's ski condo in Stratton Mountain, VT might be a fun idea and that summer "ADTC" held 3 weeks of camp. Nearly 100 dancers from the Fairfield County area attended, most of whom danced at the American School of Dance during the year.

Just two years later ADTC in Stratton Mountain offered five sessions to more than 250 campers from all over the country. In addition, 2006 marked the year that ADTC expanded west to Squaw Valley, CA, offering three sessions to over 100 campers.

By 2007 American Dance Training Camps operated in four states nationwide and sold more than 750 camper weeks. 2013 marked our tenth anniversary (11th summer!), and we're thrilled this business has been able to offer a lifetime of friendships and memories to so many dedicated dancers and campers. We've seen some of our girls begin as 10-year-old campers and work their way up to Counselors-In-Training, Junior-Instructor-Counselors, and even Assistant Program Directors.

Now we offer nine overnight dance camp locations as well as custom hometown dance workshops, dance choreography & elective dance classes in a wide variety of other dance disciplines.

The overall goal of American Dance Training Camp is to operate a FUN, engaging program while fostering the physical and emotional well-being of our participants. We promote development of character and self-esteem, celebrate diversity and nurture a love for dance. In order to accomplish these goals, we seek to provide well-trained, driven and quality staff, a progressive program with age-appropriate skills and challenges, and an appropriate facility adequate to support the program, all operated in a manner that is financially responsible to the association as a whole.
  1. To have fun. Campers actively participate in challenging, enjoyable dance & summer camp activities in beautiful locations. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC will provide age-appropriate and entertaining programs, taking advantage of the natural setting of each location. We offer a variety of dance, aquatic, arts, and challenge-based activities for individuals and groups.
  2. To know the rules. Campers are expected to follow clearly stated rules that help to manage the risks involved in learning new skills. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC will provide well-trained staff and a well-managed camp that meets industry standards. The standards we follow include those of the American Camp Association.
  3. To feel secure. Campers will both experience and foster a setting that does not permit bullying, intimidation, or harassment. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC will provide adequate supervision and appropriate consequences for misbehavior. Campers are encouraged to be sensitive to the feelings of others, and to report instances of bullying.
  4. To develop strong character. Campers will believe in, and make daily choices based upon positive values that guide good behavior. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC will provide encouraging, consistent role models who make appropriate choices themselves. The values we teach (ADTC) are appreciation, dedication, trust and caring, and all that they imply.
  5. To make new friends. Campers will accept and include others as they learn that differences are strengths to be celebrated. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC's staff will create and maintain an environment where everyone is respected and included. We define diversity as the mosaic of people who bring with them a variety of backgrounds as assets.
  6. To give back. Campers will engage in age-appropriate service activities that benefit the camp and the community. To help campers achieve this goal, ADTC's weekly schedule includes time for service tasks: some groups will also do service projects. When people participate in efforts to support the global community it makes the world a better place.
  7. To further the development of each camper as a dancer. Each camper will participate in four dance classes per day in which they learn performance pieces for the Friday night show. Campers will also engage in daily "dance discussions" covering issues important to their development as dancers.
  8. To learn leadership skills. CITs will have opportunities to set expectations for, inspire, and motivate others in a positive way. To help CITs achieve this goal, ADTC will teach group management skills and give CITs a chance to take on purposeful roles. The leadership training thread runs through all teen offerings, not just the CIT program.

Dance Benefits

Dance stimulates endorphins! Studies show that dance makes us feel great, increases our self-confidence, and can even help build social skills. Feeling stressed? Another reason to dance! Our bodies and our lives are ordered by rhythms great and small, movement plus rhythm creates an anxiety-reducing, focused & meditative state. But you'll never be bored because dance is endlessly varied with strong mind-body components; if you like it, you're likely to stick with it!

Overnight Camp Benefits

Overnight camp inspires intrinsic motivation - autonomy, competence, connection, and a "flow" state you can't achieve when you're doing something for someone else or for an external reward. At camp you slow down, remember you're ALIVE, savor simple pleasures and do the things that give you joy. At camp, miracles are natural (and we define "miracle" as a shift in perception from fear to love!). Girls NEED more miracles...more self-love. And the world needs more inspired women.