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    "Our daughter loved the week she spent at your camp. We wanted her to have a fun time doing something she loves - dancing. We didn't expect that her dancing was actually going to improve as much as it did during the short time she was there. Thank You!"

    - Sean M. Northbrook, IL

    '13 - '14 Parent

    Camper Age 12


    "My daughter has been a camper for 4 years at ADTC. What most people don't know is that she attends 4 weeks per summer. That equates to 16 shows, 16 weeks of pure dance bliss! The first year we enrolled her for 1 week, she stayed for 4! Next year (2014) she will be a CIT and is excited for the new adventure."

    - Susan F. Bolton, MA

    '10 - '14 Parent

    Camper Age 16


    "ADTC has been a valuable experience for my daughter...she has met some wonderful new friends and teachers. She has learned some excellent new dance skills and the choreography is challenging and fun. We have been very impressed with the Friday night show and now much she has learned in a week. She looks forward to returning to ADTC next summer!"

    - Lisa A., Hamilton, NJ

    '11 - '14 Parent

    Camper Age 11





During the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, the best tap dancers moved from Vaudeville to cinema and television. Prominent tap dancers of this period included Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple. In the 1950s tap dance declined, while rock and roll and pop music and the new jazz dance style emerged. Many believe that what is now called jazz dance evolved out of tap dance, so both styles of dance have many moves in common. But jazz dance evolved separately from tap dance to become a new form in its own right. No Maps in My Taps, the Emmy award winning PBS documentary of 1979, helped begin the recent revival of tap dance. National Tap Dance Day in the United States, now celebrated May 25, was signed into law by President George Bush on November 7, 1989. (May 25 was chosen because it is the birthday of famous tapper Bill "Bojangles" Robinson).


Learn fun tap dance routines from the best American tap dance faculty this summer at our summer dance training camps!


The four core dance classes at our ULTIMATE Overnight Dance Camps are in Tap, jazz dance, Broadway dance & contemporary or lyrical. Although tap dance is NOT offered as one of the four core classes each session-week at our ULTIMATE Overnight Dance Camps, tap dance is often offered as a dance elective during free time at these camps. So if you have tap dancing shoes, you should bring them! At ADTC ULTIMATE Overnight Camps, we always have excellent tap dancers on staff - sometimes even Radio City Rockettes! If tap dance is your think, you'll also want to show off your stuff during our "American Dance Idol" competition each week!. Click an ADTC ULTIMATE camp location below for more details!




Here are just some of our amazing Tap Dance Instructors (click picture to read bio):


Alexis Thebolt - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Alexis Thebolt

Alger, MI

Cassia Hinchman - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Cassia Hinchman

Columbus, OH

Charlotte Asplin - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Charlotte Asplin

BC, Canada

Colleen Creamer - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Colleen Creamer

Lima, OH

Kathryn Bowering - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Kathryn Bowering

Pittsford, NY

Karijo Phillips - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Karijo Phillips

Pleasant Grove, UT

Katie Drablos - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Katie Drablos

New York, NY

Kellie Johnston - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Kellie Johnston

Irvine, CA

Kimberly Fitch - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Kimberly Fitch

Los Angeles, CA

Martine Quigley - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Martine Quigley

Melbrne, Australia

Melody McGregor - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Melody McGregor

Ontario, Canada

Michelle Butterfield - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Michelle B.

Salt Lake City, UT

Tro Shaw - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Tro Shaw

Los Angeles, CA

Whitney Hinson - ADTC Certified Professional Tap Dance Choreographer

Whitney Hinson

Wingate, NC





"Choreograph" your very own private Tap dance workshop, made to measure, with our amazing Tap dance staff - we come to you! Curriculum is designed to challenge dancers of all backgrounds and levels - from beginners through experienced performers. An ADTC Hometown Tap Dance Camp or INTENSIVE will help serious Tap dancers as well as students new to Tap dance deepen their understanding of Tap dance, including Tap dance history, Tap dance technique, Tap dance choreography and methodology.

Hometown Tap Dance Camps are two-day, one week or two week private Tap dance workshops offered at your dance studio, YMCA, parks & rec facility or school. Tap Dance Camps are customized to your specifictions (including length of camp, levels, and additional dance styles, if any) and can range from fewer than 10 Tap dancers, to more than 200 Tap dancers. By bringing a customized Tap dance camp directly to your private studio or location, you can eliminate costly travel expenses for students and parents. Request More Info on Hometown Tap Dance Camps!




ADTC Tap Dance Choreography offers your Tap dancers the opportunity to learn full Tap dance routine/s exactly as intended by the most talented & professional Tap dance choreographers in the industry! The best part is that we do it for a fraction of the cost of our competitors and your Tap dance music is included in the camp price. Our Tap dance routines have creative transitions, exciting sequencing and innovative tricks.

We are proud to offer the #1 marketplace for Tap dance choreography, featuring some of the most recognized names in Tap dance. Our Tap Dance Choreographers have helped dance groups nationwide attain state, regional and national titles with professional, creative, one-of-a-kind routines for all ages and skill levels. We work with you and your group to perfect a Tap dance routine that highlights your strengths. And you'll even own the full copyright to the final Tap dance piece so your Tap dancers can perform it anytime and anywhere.

We can deliver your Tap dance choreography via video or come to your studio/private location to teach the Tap dance choreography to your Tap dancers! Complete the form above and we will contact you shortly!



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