ADTC is the ULTIMATE Overnight Dance Camp!

We offer nine overnight dance camp locations: Vermont, California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas & Costa Rica. Our top-notch dance teachers & choreographers bring to ADTC the coolest combinations from some of the best national and international dance studios, schools and performance groups. In addition to core dance classes in hip hop, contemporary & jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include Broadway, lyrical or modern), ADTC offers custom hometown dance workshops, dance choreography & elective dance classes in a wide variety of other dance disciplines.

A Day in the Life of an ADTC Camper

typical-dayBefore we try to show you what a typical day at ADTC might look like, you should be aware that there really is no such thing. Yes, our dance camps are meticulously well organized, but they're also fabulously flexible and you get to choose how you spend your free time! Maybe you want to enjoy the stunning mountain views on a hike one afternoon or indulge in a belly dance elective class the next? Or how about kayaking on Lake Tahoe at sunset and then strutting your stuff during Dance Idol Night? Your days at ADTC will be as unique as you are!

And no two camp sessions are ever the same. Which is, we suppose, the only "typical" thing about ADTC. One thing you can be sure of? Once you get in the groove, you won't want to go home!

wake-upWAKE UP


You'll be woken up by your CEO at 7:20am. Time to get out of bed, clean up your room for inspection and get prepared for breakfast, warm-up and dance classes.


8:00am, 12:00pm & 5:30pm

You'll be called to breakfast by hallway (free sit), lunch is with dance groups, and dinner is with teams. This allows you to mix with different friends at each meal & further expand your network!


8:45 - 9:-05am
Morning reflection is a relaxing time at the start of the day during which one CEO sets the tone for the day by making a thoughtful presentation. Morning reflection offers a positive start for the day and gets the entire camp thinking about values. All-camp warm-ups immediately follow.

dance-classDANCE CLASSES

9:15am - 1:45pm
ADTC operates on a rotating dance schedule with four 50-minute dance classes per-day (breaking for lunch). You will be given a dance group assignment on Monday morning, at which time you will receive your schedule.


2:00 - 4:45pm

For those campers not pre-registered for a field trip, sign up for on-campus afternoon activities takes place during lunch. Daily optional activities include (but are not limited to): outdoor team events, swimming, arts & crafts and elective dance/fitness/relaxation classes like yoga, zumba, breaking, etc.


4:45 - 5:30pm

Siesta is a 45-minute rest period after day activities and before dinner from 4:45 - 5:30pm. You can take a much-needed nap, read a book, write in your journal or work on arts & crafts - you just need to stay in your room (the canteen is open during Siesta in case you want to buy something).

camp-fireCAMP FIRES

6:30 - 7:15pm

Daily camp fires are discussions grouped by age and held after dinner (not necessarily by a camp fire) to explore girls' issues like nutrition, competition, self-empowerment, friendship, technique & performance as well as dance history and culture.


7:15 - 8:00pm

Nightly open studio is a chance to meet with your dance teachers outside of class, go over routines & home your skills. Not feeling the need for more practice time? Head to the canteen or your hallway to enjoy some R & R with your friends and teammates before night activities.


8:00 - 9:15pm

Night activities are mandatory and usually revolve around a team event. Some ADTC favorites include American Dance Idol (where you choreograph & perform your own routines with your team), Dance Tech (friendly dance competitions in leaps, turns, trivia, strength & flexibility) & Field Night (outdoor events & relays).


9:15 - 10:00pm

The canteen will be open after night activities and before curfew & bedtime team meetings. Buy a healthy snack, ADTC souvenir or sweatshirt. Or use this time to take a shower, write a letter (yes - the "old fashion" way), do some laundry or unwind & relax with your new friends.



Nightly curfew is at 10:00pm (earlier for 8 & 9 year olds) followed by a team meeting where you share thoughts and counselors provide positive closure on the day. Lights out is 10:45pm SHARP.

meals-squawAt ADTC, meals are hardy and nutritious and fit for dancers! Our yummy meals are prepared by professional food services and always include salad bar, sandwiches & cereal options if you're not a fan of a main course.

For campers with food allergies or special diets of any kind (vegetarian, kosher, etc.), no problem! We are fully prepared to accommodate special food needs and you can find more info on this in the Parent-Camper Handbook (for registered campers). In the meantime, feel free to call us at 866-383-ADTC (2382) with any questions.

teamsAt ADTC, team events are competitions that bring the whole camp together & last all week long. You'll be divided into teams at the beginning of the week, and depending on the session, the theme for teams may be countries (kind of like the Olympics), US states, colors, colleges, Disney movies...all kinds of things. Team events include dance, athletic and non-athletic events. Daily afternoon team events may include a water balloon toss, egg drop, soccer game, capture the flag, swim relays, mini golf, suitcase race and more!

The Following Team Events are Held Each Week at ADTC:

Dance Tech Night

Dance Tech Night lets individual campers compete for their teams in dance events that showcase their talents. Dance Tech Night is made up of five different events:

>> Dance Jeopardy: Contestants from each team answer "dance trivia" questions (often by performing a move). Categories can include different dance styles, dance history, pop culture, etc.

>> Leaps: One or two campers from each team compete in the leap contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned leap as well as execution of their optional leap. Assigned leaps can include: jete, grand jete, side jete (straddle), switch leap, tour jete, fouette, hitch kick (scissor kick), ring leap, sissone, stag jump, developpe, etc.

>> Pirouettes: One or two campers from each team compete in the pirouette contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned pirouette. Assigned pirouettes can include: single pirouette, double pirouette, triple pirouette, pique turns, chaine turns, fouette, fouette en tournant, etc.

>> Strength: One camper from each team competes in the strength contest. A second camper from each team assumes a support role. Competing campers must sit on the floor and lift their bodies completely off the ground. The second camper sits behind their teammate with their hand raised until their teammate falls. The last camper up wins.

>> Flexibility: One camper from each team competes in the flexibility contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned position as well as execution of their optional pose. Campers should be able to perform the following poses: right leg split, left leg split, center split, pancake through to seal stretch, downward dog, standing pike stretch, right/left leg up, standing wise scale, right/left batman, bridge, optional pose.

Our Dance Tech playlist below will help you better understand what Dance Tech is all about.

American Dance Idol

Our Dance Idol night is the highlight of the week (other than the Friday Night Show) for ADTC dancers and staff. You'll choreograph your own dances and our CEOs judge. Rules for American Dance Idol:

>> All dances must be less than 3 minutes long - CEOs will be timing!

>> You must announce whether you choreographed the dance yourself. If not, you must give credit to the original choreographer (points will be deducted accordingly).

>> A single camper can only perform two dances max.

Our American Dance Idol playlist below will help you better understand what Dance Idol is all about.

canteenThe Love (ADTC) Canteen is our camp store. We sell snacks, beverages, personal items, dance apparel & supplies, as well as ADTC t-shirts and souvenirs...because every dancer needs a little "TLC"!

Each week, you make purchases against your canteen balance and are not allowed to spend more than the amount in your account - please budget for this. Canteen accounts must be settled and paid in-full at check-out.

During camp, we set up The Love (ADTC) Canteen in one of our common areas, and it is typically open during afternoon and evening free time. It's usually a favorite spot to relax, listen to music and hang out with fellow campers.

Snack items and incidentals are priced similarly to vending machine / convenience store prices. Because each camper's needs and interests vary, it is difficult to say how much spending money is necessary per week. Based on experience, we would suggest allocating at least $50 per session solely for incidentals (snacks, beverages, stamps, etc.). Budget higher if the camper plans to purchase ADTC logo-wear or dance apparel/accessories. The minimum amount to open a Canteen account is $25.

Note: Parents of multi-week campers may want to allow for extra money in their campers' canteen account to cover any weekend purchases (other than meals & movie, which are included in the "stayover fee").

All parents of registered campers must "open" a canteen account for their daughter at check-in (Visa or MasterCard only). We do not accept cash to pay for activities or canteen purchases, and we do not allow campers to have or use cash while at camp. If you are expecting a canteen credit - for example, if you are owed a $25 canteen credit for referring a friend to ADTC - please confirm this with your Program Director at check-in BEFORE opening your daughter's canteen account.

Each session at ADTC culminates with a Friday Night Showcase. Throughout the week, campers help to choose the theme, costumes and sets. In just five days, campers learn dance pieces in at least four dance disciplines. The Showcase gives our dancers the opportunity to show off the choreography they've been learning all week, and it is THE highlight of the week for most campers. Symbolic camp awards are presented at the end of the show, and a party for all campers, siblings & parents follows.

The showcase usually begins at 7 or 7:30pm on Friday night (time will be announced at Sunday's check-in), and lasts approximately one hour. Parents, family and friends are strongly encouraged to come support their campers and cheer them on. It's a wonderful night for campers and parents alike. Don't miss it!

Showcase performance DVDs will be available to order after camp.

Here's our YouTube Channel playlist with clips from past ADTC Friday Night Shows:

We want ALL campers to feel great. Studies show that no matter what your level or experience may be, dance can increase self-confidence and help build social skills. At ADTC, dancers of all abilities & disciplines are free to dance!

Something for Everyone

Looking to bag your fouette and really challenge yourself? We've got you covered. Looking for something a little more, um, easygoing (Read: I haven't danced in five years and I've never even taken a jazz class)? No worries - ADTC is the perfect camp for you, too. One of the most common questions we get asked is, "How much dance experience do I have to have?" The answer is simple: you do not have to be a dancer in any way, shape or form. We have something for everyone. From dance and fitness freaks to couch potatoes (this is your chance to get off the couch and actually DO something new!).

Whichever ADTC camp you choose, you can ALWAYS move at your own pace. This is an individual experience, but remember: you'll get out of it what you put into it! Just have fun, let go, and dance like no one is watching!

Sunday Night Dance Screening

After check-in on Sunday, campers participate in a "dance screening" where they learn two short dance combinations. This informal evaluation helps our teachers place campers in dance groups for the week.

We want everyone to be comfortable in their dance classes. If you feel your group is too advanced, you can easily switch to a lower level by telling the Program Director. If you wish to move to a higher level, you may have a chance to audition for this privilege (subject to offering).

"So If I am a Very Experienced Dancer, Will the Dance Classes be Challenging Enough?"

Definitely. ADTC staff members are accomplished dancers and teachers that campers would never have the privilege to work with at their home studio (unless your studio hosts one of our private camps!). They are Radio City Rockettes, Broadway actors, backup dancers and TV performers. Any experienced dancer is lucky to spend a week learning from teachers of this caliber!

"So If I've Never Danced Before, Will I Be the Only One?"

No! We have many campers who attend ADTC for the summer camp experience and to spend a week learning cool moves. This way campers can assess if dance is something they'd like to pursue back home!

At our overnight dance camps we promote growth and fun in an environment committed to safety. Girls are divided into living spaces based on age and they participate in healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences each and every day.

We Help Girls Find Their Personal Power & Self-Esteem!

The major reason for our continued success in providing a safe, supportive dance camp environment is our outstanding staff. We select staff because of their maturity, character, dance experience and ability to relate to and inspire young girls. In addition to nurturing team leaders, we also have professional dancers & choreographers teaching all ADTC classes. Our overall camper-to-counselor ratio is 7:1.

We understand that growing up in the world today - inundated with new technologies and mixed messages from the media about the worth and role of women in society - can be confusing and tough to navigate for girls. Therefore, we base our programming on what girls characteristically need for healthy development, while also recognizing that the challenges and circumstances any individual camper faces may be unique.

We know that girls in general have needs:

>> The need for physical safety and healthy physical development.

>> The need for trust, love, respect, and validation from caring adults.

>> The need for healthy emotional development.

>> The need for positive relationships (to be accepted and to belong to a peer group).

>> The need for positive female role models to develop a healthy identity as a woman.

We believe that every girl is precious with unique gifts and strengths. ADTC offers a totally distinct, custom curriculum for five primary age groups: Eight - Nine; Ten - Eleven; Twelve - Thirteen; Fourteen - Fifteen; and Sixteen - Seventeen. Overall, our programming outside of dance focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, ADTC's girls develop a true sense of their personal power.

In the words of an ADTC parent from Maine:

"My daughter has had a challenging life and dance helps her work our her emotions, develop self-esteem and strive for something better. The staff at ADTC recognize girls as individuals and provide excellent adult leadership and fantastic role models."

Safety at ADTC

The health and safety of each camper is the primary concern of each ADTC staff member. Supervision of campers by staff is ALWAYS constant. All our staff are certified in First Aid and CPR, and receive additional training in safety and health procedures during the week of staff training. All swim and waterfront staff and guides are certified lifeguards.

Groups of 4 + dancers attending ADTC from the same dance studio get $50 OFF per-camper/per-session. Teams of 8 + dancers attending ADTC together get 5% OFF tuition per-camper (Team & Group discounts cannot be combined).

Are you looking for a memorable cheer camp bonding experience for your cheerleading squad this summer as well as award-winning choreography for the new school year? American Dance Training Camps offers unique choreography/technique dance camps with our celebrity dance choreographers - no group is too small or too large! Bring your group to one of our amazing overnight camps OR select the choreographer/s of your choice for a hometown camp (they come to you!). Looking for choreography sans the camp? We're set up to do that, too! We've got the most amazing dance choreographers and teachers on the planet - no matter what your group/team needs, we've got you covered!

If you are a group of four or more girls from the same dance team or studio, you can qualify for ADTC's special group discount: $50 OFF our 2014 rates! Eight or more girls from the same dance studio team or squad qualify for 5% OFF their tuition (This is IN ADDITION to our already discounted Early-Bird Rates! Groups are NOT REQUIRED to attend the same ADTC camp session/s, or even go to the same ADTC locations to receive the discount!).

While our main focus is on hip hop, contemporary & jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include Broadway, lyrical or modern), campers should come ready to experiment during cheerleading camp with additional dance styles while working on these core competencies. No formal dance training or experience is required to attend ADTC - just a love of dance and a willingness to learn and have fun!

If you already have your group, great! If not, did you know you can receive a $25 referral credit in your 2014 Canteen Account for every new friend that you get to sign up? Tell your friends about ADTC and get ready for a great time!