True Colors Personality Test - What Your Color Says About You

True Colors Personality Test

We like to say we live in "DiverCity" (yes - we meant to spell it with a "C") at dance camp. Each and every week at each and every ADTC location, we create a pop-up "city" where campers and staff of different backgrounds, styles, perspectives, beliefs and competencies live as a community.

And while we all have a unique cultural lens through which we've been taught to view the world, our goal at camp is to understand our own and each others' competencies to create an environment that values differences.

The Value of Culture, Personality & Color

Ever since Ancient Greece, people have recognized that individuals within a culture operate differently, with different personality styles. And almost since that time, there have been tests to try and help people figure out their own styles as well as how to work well with the styles of other people.

Our True Colors Personality Test (below) is one such test where we use four colors to represent four styles of being - green, blue, orange, and gold. Each of us has some of all these colors in our personality, but most of us have more of one than the others. We call this our dominant personality style.

We might sometimes act like an orange even when our dominant color is blue, but we're more likely to act like our dominant color more of the time...especially when we're under stress.

No one color is better than another. And at overnight camp, where we value teamwork and social growth, it's very helpful to have a variety of different colors so that we have all the personality traits we need to thrive as a community.

Take Our True Colors Personality Test!

Directions: Compare all 4 boxes in each row. Do not analyze each word; just get a sense of each box. Score each of the four boxes in each row, from most like you to lease like you: 4 = most, 3 = a lot, 2 = somewhat, 1 = least.

True Colors Personality Test - Part 1

True Colors Personality Test - part 2

True Colors Personality Test - Answers

* If any of the scores in the colored boxes are less than 5 of greater than 20, you have made an error. Please go back and read the instructions.

What Your Color Says About You

Even though we share some similar characteristics with those who are the same personality color, we are all unique individuals made up of many characteristics. And it's not uncommon to have close scores between two (or more) personality colors.  But in our experience, people who have similar personality styles do have some things in common...

If Your Dominant Color is Green, You're the "Analyzer"

You often make the right decision – because you look at the situation from all angles before you decide. You like lots of information and you're skilled at analyzing data. You like rules to make sense and you value competence in yourself and in others.

You need challenge, autonomy, truth, accuracy time, and opportunities to ask questions.

You're frustrated by lack of control, lack of independence, incompetence, overly emotional displays, limited chances to use and show what you know, small talk, social functions with no higher purpose, subjective decisions that don't make sense, illogical decisions, and lack of time to gather facts before you complete a task.

In school you like to learn about all kinds of things and come up with new ideas. If there's a problem, you are the best person to solve it.

With friends you are close to people who have the same interests. You sometimes keep to yourself because you like your privacy.

At home you spend a lot of time just thinking. You like learning things from TV shows about science and nature.

True Colors Personality Test - Green

If Your Dominant Color is Blue, You're the "Peacemaker"

You tend to be very focused. You value harmony, compassion, and helping other people. You are skilled at offering sincere encouragement and support. You are uncomfortable with conflict and will work hard to prevent and/or avoid confrontations. You like to be appreciated for the warm human being you are!

You need understanding, harmony, love, acceptance, honesty, inspiration, and empathy.

You're frustrated by broken promises, negative criticism, people talking about you behind your back, conflict and confrontation, lying and rejection, lack of social opportunities, a focus on systems rather than on people, conformity that doesn't allow for individuality, lack of opportunities to talk over what's happening, and insincerity.

In school you're easy to get along with. You like to share things with your classmates, and you like your teachers and try to please them.

With friends you really care about what happens to those who are close to you. You listen and are honest and genuine.

At home you try to keep everything in harmony. You are sensitive and like warm feelings and quiet talks.

True Colors Personality Test - Blue

If Your Dominant Color is Orange, You're the "Activator"

You love to get things done! You're good at making quick, intuitive decisions and if you're feeling excited and challenged by a project, you can outlast everyone else. You're a natural leader and can easily dominate a situation - not because you intend to exclude anyone's ideas, but because you can't wait to get started. You love adventure and fun and are energized by new challenges.

You need freedom, variety, recognition, action, activity, and opportunities to express yourself.

You're frustrated by slow processes, being stuck in an office, redundancy, lack of freedom, low tolerance of risk-taking, reading manuals, lengthy instructions, criticism, and abstract discussions without real-life application.

In school you like to have fun. You enjoy sports, games and entertainment.

With friends you are a lot of fun. You can think of all kinds of things to do and enjoy being with other fun people.

At home you like freedom and a lot of space. You enjoy after school activities like sports and special events.

True Colors Personality Test - Orange

If You're Dominant Color is Gold, You're the "Organizer"

Golds” are responsible and organized. They show up on time and get annoyed by the time wasted when other people don’t. If you give a job to a Gold, you can count on them to do it, to do it right, and to get it done on time. They value fairness and consistency and like clear guidelines to follow.

You need clear rules and boundaries, structure, stability, an organized environment and schedule, consistency, opportunities to show your responsibility and reliability, and time to complete a project well.

You're frustrated by tasks left unfinished, ambiguity, chaos and disorganization, too many things going on at the same time, people who don't follow through, irresponsibility and waste, nonconformity, changing rules, the phrase "it depends", and a haphazard attitude.

In school you're organized and follow the rules. You enjoy being responsible and particularly like teachers who give you special things to do.

With friends you're really dependable. You like your friends to be honest, especially about money and making plans to do things.

At home you love responsibilities and working hard for your allowance. You also like a secure family life and enjoy holidays and celebrations.

True Colors Personality Test - Gold

At camp, we'll have a chance to re-take this true colors personality test and to bond with other campers who share our personality color. Each color will then get a chance to tell the rest of the campers and staff everything they need to know in order to live, work and play most effectively with them within the camp community. When we know what causes each other stress, we can be more compassionate and understanding because we ALL have things that make us stressed, too - even if they're different things. And we all want to have more fun and less stress at camp!

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