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"She LOVED everything. This was her first "overnight," week long time away from us. She is hoping to return next year. She tried some things that I know if her parents were around she might have been more hesitant. Like, horseback riding, rock climbing at Bromley and the alpine slide."

- Tracy K. ('09 - '11 Parent, Stratton, VT)



Team events are competitions that bring the whole camp together and last all week. Campers are divided into teams by age and living areas. Depending on the session, the team events theme may be countries (like an Olympics), US states, colors, colleges, etc. Team events include dance, athletic and non-athletic events. Daily afternoon team events may include: water balloon toss, egg drop, soccer game, capture the flag, swim relays, mini golf competition, suitcase race and more!



Dance tech night lets individual campers compete for their teams in dance events that showcase their talents. Dance tech night is made up of five different events:



  • Dance Jeopardy - Contestants from each team answer "dance trivia" questions (usually by performing the move). Categories can include different dance styles, dance history, pop culture, etc.
  • Leaps - One camper from each team competes in the leap contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned leap as well as execution of their optional leap. Assigned leaps can include: jete, grand jete, side jete (straddle), switch leap, tour jete, fouette, hitch kick (scissor kick), ring leap, sissone, stag jump, developpe, etc.
  • Pirouettes - One camper from each team competes in the pirouette contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned pirouette. Assigned pirouettes can include: single pirouette, double pirouette, triple pirouette, pique turns, chaine turn, fouette, fouette en tournant, etc.
  • Strength - One camper from each team competes in the strength contest. A second camper from each team assumes a support role. Competing campers must sit on the floor and lift their bodies completely off the ground. The second camper sits behind their teammate with their hand raised until their teammate falls. The last camper up wins.
  • Flexibility - One camper from each team competes in the flexibility contest. Campers are judged on technique for each assigned position as well as execution of their optional pose. Campers should be able to perform the following poses: right let split, left leg split, center split, pancake through to seal stretch, downward dog, standing pike stretch, right/left leg up, standing wise scale, right/left batman, bridge, optional pose.


This is the highlight of the week for ADTC campers and staff. Campers choreograph their own dances and staff judge. The rules for American Dance Idol are as follows:

  • All dances must be less than 3 minutes long - staff will be timing!
  • Campers must announce whether they choreographed the dance themselves. If not, you must give credit to the original choreographer (points will be deducted accordingly)
  • A single camper can only perform in two dances MAX

Below is a solo piece choreographed by a dancer at our Stratton, VT camp:


Each week all ADTC campers participate in our unique "World Dance Night" and learn a style of dance from a particular part of the world. Dance styles may include: Hula, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Irish Dance, Country Line Dancing, African, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue/Bachata, Mambo, Native American Dance, Square Dancing, Swing Dancing, Break Dancing, etc.

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